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clinical nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Optimal health depends on adequate nutrition. A diet deficient of energy and nutrients can lead to malnutrition or other deficiency syndromes such as rickets, pellagra or anemia. Additionally, inadequate nutrition can retard normal growth, impair immune system function, hinder maternal and child health, and reduce our ability to perform at peak mental and physical capacity.


Our lifestyles today too often consist of convenience foods and an overabundance of sugars and fats (this is now known as the S.A.D. diet - standard American diet). Even when we feel we are eating a moderately healthy diet, the way our foods are processed today (i.e. soils depleted of nutrients, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics fed to livestock) can lead to problems. These imbalances and excesses have contributed to an increase in the prevalence and severity of chronic diseases that are a major cause of death and disability today. Heart disease, atherosclerosis, strokes, diabetes,, and some types of cancer have all been linked to dietary imbalances. Additionally, these imbalances have contributed to high blood pressure, obesity, dental diseases, kidney and gastrointestinal disorders.


How do you know if you're giving your body what it needs?


It can be confusing sometimes to determine whether or not your body is deficient in nutrients. Symptoms can be as subtle as dry skin and mild tiredness to any of the more severe conditions listed above. Some people try to guess at their problems and go to their local health food store to stock up on every imaginable supplement they can find. Unwittingly, they can create further health problems by over-supplementing. It can therefore make sense to have an analysis done by a trained professional to determine what your body really needs.


Los Alamitos Chronic Condition Center will look at your individual case, take a detailed health history, order appropriate lab tests if necessary, and give recommendations specific to your condition for the most optimal supplementation appropriate for you. We recommend only the highest quality medical grade supplementation which has been clinically tested and has scientific research to support its effectiveness and use. In this way, you can feel confident that your nutritional support will have maximum effectiveness and support you in your healing process! 

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